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Exponential is a fully-integrated venture capital firm that provides access to venture funding, investment banking, and stock exchange listing and trading capabilities, under-one-roof. We help visionary founders secure the funding and guidance they need to fuel their mission, grow their company, and expand their impact. Whether you need seed funding to verify product/market fit, growth capital to scale your proven concept, or want to take your company global with an exchange listing, we’re here to help.

As innovators in the digital asset space we utilize the latest in emerging technology to ensure you have access to the largest pool of investors with the highest probability of success. As founders turned investors we understand the unique challenges you face at every stage of growth and our fully-integrated model ensures you’ll get the support you need when you need it.

By raising capital through Exponential you’re joining a movement of companies on a mission to expand human potential and alleviate suffering.

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We Put Founders First

We bet on the founder. Instead of investing in ideas, we invest in the value creators themselves

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We’ll help you avoid hidden roadblocks and architect your model for rapid scale

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Our fully-integrated model ensures you’ll be supported at every stage of growth

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Growth-stage investment using the future of fundraising

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Access 90% more potential investors than traditional venture capital or investment banking

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We embrace technology to provide a far more cost-effective option than traditional fundraising

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Feel secure at every step with our team of specialists beside you for your entire capital markets journey


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Seed Capital To prove your concept Growth Capital To scale your operations

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