Exponential Ventures Intake Form

Access The Exponential Ventures Intake Form

We've created the Exponential Ventures Intake Form as a way to gain a basic understanding of your early-stage business, your alignment with our investment thesis, your alignment with our global transformative impact objectives, and your current funding needs.

Before committing to the completion of the intake, please ensure that your business fits within one of the following verticals and creates the corresponding impact:

We invest in Seed and Series A startups (almost exclusively) with founders new to Exponential.

Please ensure you are a good fit based on the above criteria, and that you have filled in all the information required before submission.

If we think you are a great fit, and we believe we can help you bring value to the world, then we will reach out via email to book a meeting for next steps. Either way, please keep building stuff the world needs! The world needs Entrepreneurs, Technologists, and Dreamers now more than ever.