Our Story

Exponential started with the shared visions of our two founders, James Wallace (JW) and James Tonn (JT).

The first was to invest in founders and companies that aimed to alleviate suffering and expand human potential to enable access to meaningful living for everyone, everywhere. The second was to migrate the exclusive and inefficient world of traditional capital markets to the new and inclusive digital economy by leveraging the power of digital securities.

What began as a seed-stage investment company quickly grew to become a fully-integrated venture capital firm, providing seamless access to venture funding, investment banking, stock exchange listing and trading capabilities.

We believe in the power of digital assets and distributed ledger technology as a force for positive change. This belief led us to be the sole seed-investor in the world’s first federally approved digital security, FIRE by tribeOS (Bermuda 2018). It’s also why we’ve woven a deep understanding of digital assets into all four of our integrated teams: Ventures (seed capital), Capital (advisory and growth capital), Markets (issuance and secondary trading), and Funds (venture and digital asset funds).

By having all these teams in-house we’re able to support our portfolio companies through their entire capital raising journey from seed-to-exit. It also allows us to offer aligned investors the opportunity to invest alongside us in highly-vetted companies through direct deals, our Digital Venture Fund, and our Digital Asset Fund.

Our collective mission is to create positive social change by advising innovative entrepreneurs, ventures and investors as they navigate the digital asset space. Through that, we are committed to democratizing global digital asset issuance, trading, and contribute in our way, to the end of government and financial exclusion.


James Tonn


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James Wallace

CEO & Co-Chair

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Chris Seguin

Chief Operating Officer

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Kyle Fry


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Steven McClurg

Chief Investment Officer

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Leah Wald

Head of Research & Portfolio Manager

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Brian Leiberman


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Cory Marchasin

Head of Ventures

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Neil Harounian

Portfolio Lead

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Dave Mirynech

Investment Analysis

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Josh Hurwitz

Head of Markets

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John Pinto

Market Development

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Sunny Durante


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Terry Roy

Executive Assistant to James Wallace

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Julia Cheeatow

Executive Assistant

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