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We help visionary investors & founders leverage the power of the emerging digital economy to access smarter investments and capital.

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Investing Raising

The New Financial Model

The way we create, hold, transfer, and even define value are changing rapidly. At Exponential, we provide solutions to help innovative founders and visionary investors leverage the power of digital assets and access the new open and inclusive digital economy.

Looking to raise capital? As a fully-integrated venture capital firm we provide seamless access to venture funding, investment banking, stock exchange listing and trading capabilities.

Looking to invest? With over 20 years of combined digital asset experience we have created a suite of investment products to help everyone, everywhere access scarce digital investments safely, efficiently, and at significantly lower cost.

By working with Exponential you’re joining a movement to expand human potential, alleviate suffering, and migrate the world to prosperity and meaning.

Investing For The New Digital Economy

A suite of innovative digital investment products for every investor status and return profile

Lower Fees

Digital assets can created, bought, and sold for lower fees than traditional capital markets

Higher Potential Returns

Options to enjoy potential returns at or higher than that of typical seed-stage venture capital

Global Investment Access

Access international opportunities from our global investment network

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Capital Raising Done Right

Multiple options for raising capital so you can focus on your business

Support At Every Stage

Feel secure at every step with our team of specialists beside you for your entire capital journey

Architect For Scale

We’ll help you avoid hidden roadblocks and architect your model for rapid scale

A Global Investor Pool

Opportunitities to access a larger group of potential investors than traditional venture capital

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Investing Raising

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