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As the financial world continues to evolve, we believe it's solutions should evolve with it. That's why we've been hard at work creating innovative products and services that leverage the emerging digital economy to better serve businesses. Utilizing digital assets, we have created processes to help small to medium businesses simplify and digitize their cap table, fractionalize their enterprise, and make it available for investors across the globe.

At Exponential we believe the new, open and inclusive digital economy can usher in an era of unprecedented prospertiy and meaning for all. With over 20 years of combined digital asset experience, we can help you safely and compliantly digitize your business and bring it into the new economy–– helping you simplify your business processes and create a global presence.

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Digital Security Issuance

Enter the new economy and enjoy a host of benefits by digitizing your enterprise

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Digital Security Listing

Access a global investor pool to raise capital and expand your business utilizing digital assets

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Issue A Digital Security

Simplify your cap table management process and unlock early liqudity in your business by converting your enterprise to a digital asset

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Early Liquidity

Unlock the inherent value in your business and create a new source of funding

Simplify Your Cap Table

Reduce administrative and legal cap table management expenses and headaches

Programmatic Regulatory Compliance

Jurisdiction based securities laws are coded into digital securities to proactively manage legal/regulatory risk

List On Regulated Global Marketplaces

Open your business to a global investment pool by compliantly listing your business on a regulated foreign trading network

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A Global Investor Pool

Access 90% more potential investors than traditional venture capital

Fractionalized Ownership

Give your biggest supporters an opportunity to own a fraction of the company they love

A Specialized Team Beside You

Feel secure and supported at every step with our team of specialists beside you for your entire capital journey

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