Welcome to the Scaling Impact Podcast by Exponential Ventures!

We decided to create this podcast to bring together a community of conscious entrepreneurs changing the world.  Entrepreneurship by itself can be a lonely and difficult path with extremely high-stakes, and that only gets amplified when you add ‘changing the world for the better’ to the mission.  So, with that in mind, we wanted to create a place (and community) where we could share big ideas, actionable knowledge, and bring together other entrepreneurs who share this path.

So who is this podcast for?

If you’re an entrepreneur, an investor, a philanthropist, a fan of emerging technology, or a social activist–– this podcast was built for you. Even if you don’t yet see yourself as a conscious entrepreneur looking to positively change the world, we believe many of you are on a trajectory toward that.

What can you expect?

In each episode we talk with accomplished entrepreneurs, at the forefront of their respective expertise about matters that deeply impact entrepreneurs. We’ve brought together some incredible guests from Emmy-nominated futurists, to XPRIZE board members, to Oprah SuperSoul teachers–– all bringing wisdom and insight on matters that deeply impact entrepreneurs.

Topic range from how to reliably find flow state in your work and life, emerging exponential technologies that will disrupt the entrepreneurial landscape over the next 3 years, tools and systems that Google and Uber use to grow dramatically faster than their competitors, and even how entrepreneurs can release self-judgement and rapidly unlock their personal and financial potential… And that’s just to name a few.

We’ve also included multiple Foundational Knowledge episodes between our host, James Tonn, and his co-founder James Wallace, designed to bring extremely practical knowledge and actionable steps about how to build your own exponential business.

About the host:

The host of Scaling Impact is James Tonn. James has been on a mission to positively impact the world since he was 18. Originally, he built a career in government and was influential in the strategic spend of over $6 Billion dollars.

After becoming frustrated with the politics and bureaucracy he encountered he decided to venture out on his own and build his own business.

He co-founded his first start-up, which helped independent authors create award winning, best-selling audiobooks that enabled them to quit their day jobs and pursue their dream of writing full-time. He grew an initial investment of $10,000 into a company valued at over $100 million dollars within 5 years.

Now, James has partnered with his good friend and serial entrepreneur, James Wallace to co-found Exponential Ventures. ExV (as we call it) is a seed-stage venture fund with the clear mission of creating access to meaningful living for everyone on the planet. They do this by investing in and advising startups that alleviate suffering and expand human potential. Scaling Impact was created by ExV to further that mission.

The bottom line?

This podcast was designed to bring you the best of the best in terms of guests and actionable wisdom… and to get you thinking exponentially about your business and your impact in the world.

Welcome to the Scaling Impact Podcast.