EP5: James Wallace – The Blockchain Revolution

Show Notes:

Today on the podcast we’re bringing you another Foundational Knowledge episode.  These episodes are designed to give founders and entrepreneurs practical knowledge and actionable steps to scale both their business and impact.  In this episode JT is joined by his Exponential Ventures co-founder, James Wallace (JW). JW is a serial entrepreneur who has created over a dozen successful startups, a 3rd generation marketer, and an exponential technology specialist who started his first tech company in the early 90’s.

In this episode JT and JW talk about how new technologies, like Blockchain, are allowing us to create ‘trustless environments’ that empower individuals and challenge central authorities.  They also dive deep into the tokenization of the economy and how just about anything from works of art to music rights can be broken into tokens and sold for value. They also give some predictions about how in the near future customers will become the investors and how startups who use the full features of blockchain will win, while the ones trying to use 50% or less will lose.

Interesting Points Covered:

  • Trustless Systems:  How blockchain is shifting the power dynamic toward the individual
  • The Funding Gender Gap:  How women are starting companies 2:1 over men currently but only receiving 3-6% of VC funds
  • The old (false) definition of an entrepreneur that stops some founders from ever starting
  • The Token Economy and what it means for entrepreneurs

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