EP3: Salim Ismail – The Exponential Future

Show Notes:

Today on the podcast, James is joined by Salim Ismail.  Salim is the best-selling author of “Exponential Organizations” and a serial tech entrepreneur whose previous company Ångströ was purchased by Google in 2010.  He led Yahoo!’s internal incubator, is an XPRIZE Foundation Board member, is the Founding Executive Director of Singularity University and the Chairman of OpenExO and ExO Works.

In this episode JT and Salim talk about cryptocurrencies, Moore’s Law of technological advancement, and hugely disruptive technologies that currently exist that the average person doesn’t know about.  They also cover how Elon Musk creates new companies, masculine and feminine archetypes of emerging technology, and the anatomy of exponential companies with specific examples from around the world.

Interesting Points Covered:

  • Cutting edge technology the average person doesn’t know about
  • The power of cryptocurrencies
  • The “Immune System” large companies and legacy industries use to kill off new tech
  • How Elon Musk creates new companies by looking 10 years out from now
  • Examples of existing companies using exponential technology for good

Salim’s Links:

Website:  LINK

Twitter:  LINK

LinkedIn:  LINK

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