Architecting a pathway to global liquidity

Exponential Markets (ExM) is the digital asset issuance and trading arm of the Exponential Group, providing client issuer companies with issuance and secondary trading services through its global network of strategic investors and partners.

We are committed to achieving global liquidity of digital securities in a regulatory compliant manner that respects the laws and regulations of the jurisdictions in which we conduct business.

Digital security issuance

We provide client issuers with a full suite of digital security issuance services. From KYC/AML services to digital security custody, and digital securities programming and management, we cover the entire lifecycle of a digital security issuance. Our compliance rules engine and investor friendly platform facilitates regulatory compliant capital raises, complete with customizable governance and investor management tools - all powered by blockchain technology.

Digital security trading

ExM's trading platform partners enable digital security investment holders to access global liquidity opportunities for their early stage digital securities investments. Our compliance rules engine ensures all assets are constantly abiding by applicable laws as they are exchanged on markets across the course of their trading life. Through this approach, investors are given the opportunity to liquidate their digital security investments earlier than traditional investments.

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