Capital raising that leverages the new economy

Exponential Capital (ExC) is a global digital asset advisory firm. We provide strategic advisory, capital raising (with broker-dealer capabilities), mergers & acquisitions and research to world-leading entrepreneurs, companies, and investors entering & navigating the digital asset ecosystem.

Our investor network receives high quality investment opportunities, the benefit of our in-depth research and education resources, and access to a diversified digital asset fund.

Our clients are the beneficiaries of our vast global network in both the traditional and digital asset focused worlds of finance, and we leverage these resources to serve our clients throughout their most important stages of growth.

strategic advisory

We provide clients with strategic advisory, with a particular focus on preparing clients for capital raising mandates involving digital securities & blockchain technologies.

capital raising

In partnership with our FINRA registered broker dealer, we provide legally compliant fundraising services and access to our global investor network to enable clients to reach their capital raising goals through digital securities offerings. We are focused on providing global investors with proprietary, highly vetted, and high quality investment opportunities.


We provide ventures and companies in the digital securities & blockchain ecosystems with expert buy-side and sell-side advice regarding mergers, sales, acquisitions and joint ventures.


We provide issuer and investor clients with access to leading edge, comprehensive market analysis and insights on emerging trends in the digital securities & blockchain industries.


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