3-layer architecture in detail
3-layer Architecture in detail
Akbar S. Ahmed | Mar 5, 2015

A micro-services friendly architecture

The 3-tier architecture has survived for a long time. However, modern applications require increased scalability and availability. To support ever increasing demands for scale and availability new architectures have emerged. One of the emergent architectures is the 3-layer architecture.

3-layer architecture is a micro-services friendly n-tier architecture where tiers are grouped into layers. The layered groups of tiers are vitally important as they delineate both software functionality and engineering departments.

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3-layer Architecture
Akbar S. Ahmed | Jan 15, 2015

What you need to know about 3-layer architecture.

The traditional 3-tier architecture is dead, or at least its dying quickly. In a traditional 3-tier web architecture the tiers were defined as: Client: HTML, CSS and JavaScript Server: A server-side framework in Java, Python, Ruby, PHP, Node.js/JavaScript, etc. Database: A relational database including stored procedures inside the database or a single, unified persistence layer such as MongoDB. Each tier had a specific job to do: Client: render the UI Server: business logic (controller) plus generate updates to the UI (view) based on queries run against the database (model) Database: data access and storage So what’s changing?

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