The Complete Cassandra Course

The most comprehensive course that includes everything you need to begin using Cassandra in production.

Video lectures

The course contains high quality video that teaches you everything you need to know to start using Cassandra in a production environment.


The Complete Cassandra Course includes real-world examples that gives you the hands-on experience necessary to use Cassandra in your company.

Data modeling

Data modeling is one of the most important topics in learning Cassandra. In the course, you will learn how to design a scalable, high-performance data model.


CQL is covered in-depth. You will learn CQL's conceptual model, how the CQL abstraction maps to the physical layer, how to design a data model in CQL, and how to tune CQL performance.


You will learn everything about Cassandra's architecture including how to pick a replication factor, how to select your read vs. write consistency, and how to tune for immediate vs. eventual consistency.


If you have experience with relational databases, then learning Cassandra involves learning new concepts. Each concept is discussed in-depth and made tangible with hands-on exercises.

Read path

You will learn how to maximize read performance in your Cassandra cluster by tuning consistency, using caching, and learning how to tune advanced read configuration options.

Write path

Cassandra has amazingly high write performance. You'll learn how Cassandra writes data, how to tune for consistency, and how to tune writes for maximum throughput.

Performance tuning

Performance monitoring and tuning is critical to running a scalable Cassandra cluster. Learn how to not only measure performance, but also how to improve performance by tuning your cluster, queries and data model.

Learn Cassandra faster.

Focused. Hands-on. Comprehensive.

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