Nodeday 2014: Micro-Services In Node.Js
NodeDay 2014: Micro-services in Node.js
Akbar S. Ahmed | Apr 25, 2014

Micro-services in Node.js

Stop repeating the mistakes of the past! JavaScript lets you do amazing things in very small amounts of code. Node.js lets you write server-side code in tiny mind-size pieces. We call them micro-services. Stop writing monolithic web apps! Break everything apart. Do one thing and do it well. You can run hundreds of Node processes. It’s cool.

Richard discussed a different way of structuring Node apps with something he termed micro-services. This talk is definitely worth listening to when the video come out.


He believes in micro-services which is something that he discovered by accident.

Micro-services are super small node services that pass messages between other services.

  • lots of processes also means you can run things in parallel
  • also get good isolation


  • micro-services are small
  • micro-services are single purpose
  • micro-services use messages to communicate
  • there are many of them
  • death of processes is expected


  • 100 lines of code = a few screens to scroll
  • can fit inside your head

use node modules

  • prefer composition of libraries vs. complete framework
  • do one thing and do it well!

anti-pattern: the orchestator

  • a service that mediates
  • a service that knows about other services
  • each service should only know about its inputs and outputs

solution - communicate with messages

  • what you should do is publish messages onto a service bus
  • standalone information
  • you can pattern match the message
  • messages define the interface
  • the transport mechanism is not important - instead think about messages going to/from services
  • transport could be http or message queue

pattern matching

  • no need for complex rules
  • do named keys have given values?
  • use MUST IGNORE semantics. This makes your world extendable.


  • write your services so they can restart cleanly
  • node best practice === die on uncaught exceptions. So expect to die.

How do you give node enterprise grade reliability?

setTimeout(function() {
}, (300*1000)*Math.rand());

Basically, randomly kill your process and ensure that your application is written such that the user sees no impact.

Netflix has a tool to simulate failure called Simian Army.

Micro service architecture

  • make decisions later, with more information
  • calibrate quality and performance
  • makes rewrites cheap
  • avoid project mgmt ceremony
  • services are the right size for humans
  • too many unit tests makes rewrites expensive

When you have more information later in the project you can:

  • split services
  • combine services
  • add services for special cases
  • extend messages with more context

services are a comfortable size

  • lets you focus effort where it counts


  • analyze time, scale, domains

Transport layer

  • keep everything in process during development
  • delay the choice of a transport layer
  • for direct connections use http
  • pubsub


Monitor business outcomes not technical information.

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