Introducing Exponential.Io
Akbar S. Ahmed | Jan 1, 2014

Better code generation for Node.js

The code generation product described below has been discontinued as of January 1, 2015.

Introducing enables you to develop better apps faster with less effort. delivers the same tooling used by developers at the biggest and best technology companies. Specifically, Exponential is a complete suite of development tools, workflow, code generators, and deployment tools that boost your productivity 10x.

Mongo, Express, Node and Angular

Exponential is a complete development environment that includes AngularJS for client-side JavaScript (including Single Page Apps - SPAs), Express and NodeJS for server-side apps and websites, plus MongoDB as the database.

How does Exponential work?

Exponential automates the following development steps for you:

  1. First, you define your project’s settings in a Module Definition File (MDF). MDF is a small configuration file that is used by Exponential to generate code for you.
  2. Exponential sets up your project in a few seconds. The project includes a production ready configuration of Mongo, Express, Angular and Node (MEAN).
  3. Exponential generates your server-side API.
  4. Exponential generates your server-side web pages in Express.
  5. And finally, Exponential generates your Angular application.

Who is Exponential for?

Exponential is designed for web developers. Both new and experienced developers will be able to build apps faster with Exponential.

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