Install Atom-Shell On Ubuntu Linux
Install atom-shell on Ubuntu Linux
Akbar S. Ahmed | Feb 14, 2015

Step-by-step instructions

atom-shell allows you to create cross platform desktop applications using Node.js and web technologies including HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

Installing atom-shell is simple. In this post we will step through installing atom-shell on Ubuntu Linux so that you can start developing cross platform desktop applications with Node.js.

Install atom-shell

mkdir -p ~/opt/packages/atom-shell && cd $_




ln -s ~/opt/packages/atom-shell ~/opt/atom-shell

Update your PATH

Add atom to your PATH.

vi ~/.profile

Paste the following at the bottom of your .profile file.

# Add atom-shell to PATH
if [ -d "$HOME/opt/atom-shell" ]; then

Source your .profile file.

source ~/.profile

Test atom

Ensure that the atom command is in your PATH.

which atom


That’s it. You have successfully installed atom-shell and are ready to start development.

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