Install Oracle Java Jdk7u75 On Mac
Install Oracle Java JDK 7 update 75 on Mac OS X
Akbar S. Ahmed | Jan 27, 2015

Step-by-step instructions

As a developer, there are a number of packages that you may use that require the JDK. A few examples of why a UI/UX developer, a mobile develop, and a data engineer all require Java are in the table below.

Team / Language Use case
UI/UX Node.js WebStorm
Mobile Android Studio
Data Science / Big Data Cassandra, Hadoop, etc.


  1. Open the Oracle JDK 7 Downloads page.

  2. Under Java SE Development Kit 7u75, select Accept License Agreement.

  3. Click jdk-7u75-macosx-x64.dmg to download the file.

  4. Wait for the download to complete. Open Finder, then double-click the jdk-7u75-macosx-x64.dmg file.

  5. In the JDK 7 Update 75 dialog box, double-click the JDK 7 Update 75.pkg icon.

  6. Click Continue.

  7. Click Install.

  8. Enter your password, click Install Software.

  9. Click Close.

  10. Open a terminal and run the following commands to check your installation.

java -version
# Expected output: java version "1.7.0_75"

javac -version
# Expected output: javac 1.7.0_75

Congrats. Oracle JDK 7 update 75 is now installed on your Mac. You are now ready to run applications that require Java (i.e. WebStorm) and/or develop Java-based applications yourself (i.e. Android apps).

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